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Buck Roebuck ('80) Makes $90 Million Endowment Personal Goal

Buck Roebuck ('80) Makes $90 Million Endowment Personal Goal

Buck didn't know much about Covenant when he enrolled as a freshman in 1976. The big attraction at Covenant was playing soccer. Now he says that the Covenant was one of the best things that ever happened to him.

After graduating and teaching for a year, Buck pursued life insurance and landed a job with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, a premier life insurance company.

After receiving excellent training and building a successful business, Buck was offered a job as district agent, a management position with great potential. However, that meant relocating his family Eve (DeBardeleben '80) and his five children. Instead, Buck became an independent agent, affiliating with top national producers of various insurance products.

By tapping into the most talented professionals in the field, Buck has seen his own business grow, but what excites Buck is being able to use his sales experience to benefit future Covenant students.

Without financial aid Buck would not have been able to attend Covenant. Living near the college, Buck also knows the quality of professors who pour themselves into students. He recognizes that cutting the cost of college is not a viable option. Therefore, the solution to keeping Covenant accessible is to generate additional income by building up the endowment.

"There is no reason that Covenant cannot raise $90 or even $150 million of endowment," according to Buck, whose clients are often high net worth individuals. "Maybe this is why God created me." Buck goes on to say, reflecting the teaching he received at Covenant concerning both the sovereignty of God and the desire to live coum deo (in the presence of God).

Though it is generally acknowledged that Covenant does not have a lot of wealthy alumni, Buck serves as a great example of how alumni can help Covenant in many different ways.

Quick Facts about Life Insurance

  1. The proceeds of most life insurance policies may be given to charity at death. Rather than letting a policy no longer needed lapse, you can give it to Covenant.

  2. To give a life insurance policy, the owner can simply make the charity the beneficiary. An immediate charitable deduction is possible.

  3. By buying life insurance, you may be able to give a far larger gift than you might otherwise be able to consider. Depending on the type of policy you select, you may be able to limit the number of premiums you have to pay.

  4. For those who will have to pay estate taxes (current federal taxes start with joint estates over $3 million), life insurance may be the best way to provide for heirs and avoid all estate taxes. Using a life insurance trust in conjunction with either a Charitable Remainder Trust or a Charitable Lead Trust, you can avoid "disinheriting" your heirs when leaving a charitable bequest.

To learn more about how to use life insurance to benefit Covenant, contact the Covenant College Foundation.

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