• The Heritage Society

    The Heritage Society honors those persons who recognize Covenant in their estate plans. Your legacy of generosity and commitment to Covenant will forever be a part of our story. More

  • Bequest

    You can designate Covenant as the beneficiary of your asset by will, trust or beneficiary designation form. More

  • Charitable Gift Annuity

    With a charitable gift annuity, you can support the causes you care about while also receiving fixed payments for life. More

  • IRA Rollover

    IRA Charitable Rollover - If you are 70 1/2 or older, an IRA rollover gift is a great way to support our mission, manage your income and taxes and simplify your charitable giving. More

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Donor Stories

  • Jim Cox '62
    Jim Cox '62
    Jim Cox '62 lives in Bowling Green, KY, where he teaches Bible at Greensboro Christian School. Every year Jim brings...
  • Dr.Frank Brock
    Dr.Frank Brock
    "A college cannot exist without an endowment. It is the basic structure of higher education," says Dr. Frank Brock, a former president of Covenant College...
  • Sam Smartt
    Sam Smartt
    A lifelong resident of Lookout Mountain, TN, Sam Smartt is an elder at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCA), a longtime supporter of Covenant College...
  • Collyn Schmidt
    Collyn Schmidt
    For generations of Covenant students, Rudy and Collyn Schmidt are iconic figures of the College. Sacrificially serving the Lord at Covenant...
  • Past, Present & Future
    Past, Present & Future
    Sheryl Cross Farquhar '72 grew up hoping to go to Covenant. She grew up Presbyterian, and felt Covenant would be the right extension of her upbringing.
  • Jolly, Sharpe and Little
    Jolly, Sharpe and Little
    In 1983, a new church was formed in Dalton, Georgia, and three of its members, all executives in the carpet industry...
  • Drew and Jane Jelgerhuis
    Drew and Jane Jelgerhuis
    Drew and Jane share their decision to include Covenant in their estate plans, and describe the ease and security of working...
  • E. Allen Duble '58
    E. Allen Duble '58
    E. Allen Duble, former vice president of development for Covenant College, went home to heaven on March 31, 2014.
  • Ivy Ritchie Sjoholm '14
    Ivy Ritchie Sjoholm '14
    Ivy Ritchie Sjoholm '14, a Wilberforce Scholar and community development major. As part of her community development...
  • Dr. Tim Morris '83
    Dr. Tim Morris '83
    The impact donors have on the work of Covenant College is illustrated by our excellent faculty, 92% of which have their doctorate or terminal degree.
  • Mrs. Marie Smith Alston
    Mrs. Marie Smith Alston
    We are pleased to introduce you to Mrs. Marie Smith Alston, and invite you to listen to a delightful ScotsCast describing the day...
  • Rob and Lisa Jenks
    Rob and Lisa Jenks
    Rob and Lisa Jenks from Escondido, CA, recently took time out from moving their freshman son, Erik, into his residence hall to record a Scotscast.

Gift Examples

  • Sharpe Diversity Endowment
    Jack and Dot Sharpe have established a $500,000 scholarship endowment funded with an initial $100,000 gift. The beneficiaries of this scholarship will be the children of Latin immigrants.
  • Foundation Helps College Students
    A foundation, which wishes to remain anonymous, has been giving $25,000 a year since 1998 to fund a scholarship endowment for Covenant students.
  • Unique Endowment Enables Service-oriented Students
    "I was speechless," recalls Covenant College senior Peter Brinkerhoff. His loss for words was the result to learning that an anonymous donor had paid his college loans in full.
  • Covenant Faculty and Students Benefit from Endowment
    As a result of an endowment of more than $19.4 million, Covenant College received more than $800,000 to benefit the faculty and students of Covenant College this past fiscal year.
  • Buck Roebuck ('80) Makes $90 Million Endowment Personal Goal
    Buck didn't know much about Covenant when he enrolled as a freshman in 1976. The big attraction at Covenant was playing soccer.
  • 50th Anniversary Challenge Honors Professors
    During Covenant College's 50th Anniversary and in honor of its distinguished faculty, Norris and Billie Little have presented a $700,000 challenge gift to the Covenant College Foundation.
  • Dean's Scholarships
    Rising to a $50,000 challenge from the Wright Bentley Foundation, the trustees of the Covenant College Foundation have pledged matching funds to provide a special scholarship for working students.
  • Harris Foundation Gives $1 Million
    Jane Harris, a long-time Lookout Mountain resident, loved the Lord, loved her church and loved Covenant College. Jane and her husband, Will, established a foundation that was not
  • Scott Probasco names Covenant Beneficiary
    Scott (Scotty) Probasco, long-time supporter and friend of Covenant College (Probasco Alumni Center), has named Covenant College beneficiary of a life insurance policy.
  • He Always Wanted to be Available
    John McElwee has provided in his will for an endowment that establishes scholarships for "rascally students" who have come to know the Lord and have a heart for serving Him.
  • Stewardship of Giving
    Leveraging your gifts using Life Insurance Techniques
  • Collyn Schmidt Adds to the Rudy and Collyn Schmidt Endowment
    In May of 2006, with a mix of "sorrow and celebration," Executive Director Niel Neilson announced the establishment of the Rudy and Collyn Schmidt Endowed Scholarship. Many generous individuals have already contributed to the new endowment fund.
  • Learning from Others, Using a Trust
    Suppose a couple has lived comfortably, made charitable gifts and saved for retirement. The couple has a budget and has set financial goals, not only for their own
  • Peace of Mind Gift Annuity
    Many years ago, Clara bought a home. Since she was so pleased with the home, she decided to buy stock in the company that built it.
  • Deferred Gift Annuity
    Several years ago Larry and Allison invested $30,000 in what they believed to be an attractive stock. It turned out to be a very wise decision.
  • A Bequest to Save Taxes
    Thomas was a widower who had a great love for our organization. As an individual who had directly benefited from our work.
  • Leading for the Future
    Luke and Candice spent many years volunteering and supporting their favorite charity. They wanted to give back in a way that would help fulfill its mission.
  • Give it Twice Trust
    While visiting the Wills Planner on her favorite charity's website, June, a surviving spouse, came across the idea of a Give it Twice Trust.
  • Providing for Our Children's Future
    Joe and Kathy worked for years building their nest egg for retirement. They also want to provide for their children.